Johnsons MME Corporate Challenge


Johnsons MME is throwing out a challenge to businesses, workplaces and the sporting community to get a Team together for the Lake Hume Cycle Challenge on Saturday, 24 February 2018.  Teams can have as many riders as they want and the aim is for each team to raise money for the Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre. The team that raises the most money wins the Johnsons MME Corporate Challenge Cup!

Team members can ride in any of the Johnsons MME Lake Hume Cycle Challenge rides listed on this website. Team members must all complete one of the rides to be eligible.

Teams can have as many riders as they wish and the entry cost per team is just each individual team member’s registration fee which will also go towards the final team fundraising tally.

To register a team in the Corporate Challenge a Team Captain is chosen. The Team Captain would then Register himself/herself and CREATE the Team Name during Registration. Once Registered he would then inform the other members the NAME of the Team and if there is a Password on the Registration signup. (This Password can be created by the Team Captain during the signup process and stops NON Team Members from joining thier Team). Teams should be formed and ride in the same event Eg: Jayco Albury Wodonga has 6 members who would form Team Jayco ‘A’ Team and compete in the same Ride Eg: Dederang Dominator. They then have another 6 Members who form Team Jayco ‘B’ Team and all ride in the Kergunyah Kruize. 

Don’t forget to nominate which team you are in when registering!


How does the Corporate Challenge work? Team Captains must then inform the Corporate Challenge Coordinator (TBA) the Team Names and Number of Team Members in each individual team. Registration fees go towards the total amount raised by each team. Therefore, the more team members, the bigger the tally! This can be done by the Team Captain to inform how many riders they have in whatever teams Eg: 6 riding for Jayco in Kergunyah Kruize Team A and 6 riding in Weir Wonder Team B.

The team that raises the most money wins the Johnsons MME Corporate Challenge Cup. The Cup is a perpetual trophy which was won last year by Jayco Albury Wodonga (who will be actively defending their title!)

A running Tally amount for nominated teams will be listed on the Johnsons MME website. As money is raised by each team, their tallies are recorded on the website. Once teams are registered, they can watch who is raising the most money by keeping an eye on the Johnsons MME website where the running team totals will be recorded.

Teams can raise money any way they want. During the Registration Process Team members or Individuals are able to create a Just Giving Fundraising Page  and use Social Media to get thier Family and Friends to sponsor them in thier Event. Have a morning tea. Get family members and friends to sponsor riders. Raffle a chook!

Final amounts raised per team must be lodged with the Corporate Challenge Coordinator no later than 3pm the day before the ride, Friday 23rd February.

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