Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:


Rules & Safety
The 2019 Lake Hume Cycle Challenge is held on public roads in the Albury Wodonga Area. It is therefore important that participants use caution at all times and ride in a protective manner, constantly scanning the environment to be aware of what is happening around them.
For the safety of other cyclists, volunteers, local residents and the general community all participants must abide by the road rules and obey police directions at all times.

Ride Within the Law

Police will be on the road to fine those that disobey the road rules.
• Always ride on the left-hand side of the road
• Riders MUST not ride more than 2 abreast & must also keep as left as possible to minimize risk from vehicles approaching from behind & attempting to pass (2 abreast does not mean they should consume the whole lane)
• Listen to and obey directions of Police and course Marshalls/volunteers.
• Riders must use hand signals if turning left or right, or stopping.
• Riders must only overtake to the right of another rider and call out ‘passing’ when doing so.
• Riders should always look behind before pulling out to overtake another rider.
• It is the rider’s responsibility to follow the sign-posted route.
• Give way to pedestrians at crossings and when turning at intersections.
• Wear bright clothing that increases your visibility to other road users.
• Always wear your helmet correctly fitted when cycling.

Disclaimer: By attending this Event you may be Photographed and/or recorded which may be used for Promotional Purposes by the Rotary Club of Bellbridge or Lake Hume Cycle Challenge Committee.

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